Sunday, September 6, 2015

Welcome back...

Yes, it has been a very lazy time at the ol' bottle cap collection.  Before I needlessly pillory myself, let me explain the "system I use to do this great cap collection.

First, I have a little black book in which I record the caps by brand, with descriptions just good enough for me to figure if the latest prospective member has a chance to join the collection.  Then, I have a computerized "master roster" which keeps track of brand, how many of, which of the now six binders I have them in, and on which page, as well as the description location in the little black book.  It can be a bit overwhelming, which is why I started this blog in the first place- to give me a photographic record.  But if you thumb through back posts, you see that it is just about as organized as the little black book.  Thus, I kinda get in the habit of collecting new contestants "off to the side", until so possessed as to update.  Which as you can see, took me 468 days since I last got around to it.

Of course, this post is going to be a bit easier.  Mr. McCarthy, whom I still hope the best for, has decided to unfriend me due to his inability to brook opinions not quite his own.  However, Bobby G stepped up into the breach recently, and he has gifted me with a bunch of caps- several of which I already had, and one I almost forgot to include, even though I DRANK ONE WITH HIM!

This was a Guinness Blonde American lager, and considering my American inability to handle their usual "sludge", it was pretty good!  Here we go with the rest of the update:

This first pair are obviously a couple of variations on popular themes I put in the book sometime less than 468 days ago...

Here you have the ones that Bobby passed on after valiantly disposing of their contents: the two Guinnesses plus the Harp.  Next to them is a Michelob Amber that I found, a Coors Light that KC consumed, and a couple more that I found sometime in my travels.  With the Blonde that sat in my room while everyone else got recorded and mounted, that brings us to a total (according to "compu-count") of 869 different caps.  Thanks to everyone involved, and we'll see you in December 17, 2016 (or sooner...)


  1. Chris:
    I had no idea that collection was THAT impressive.
    (also glad you didn't have to drink ALL of them to get those
    Guinness has this "habit" of changing their caps every couple years, so that means "job-security" for me in the consumable dept. and more collecting for you.
    (God love 'em)
    Rest assured that any time I come across something new, you have FIRST dibs on the toppers, brother.

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  3. Dang, had my first 805 last week. Should've kept the cap but I hadn't seen your blog yet. I'm seriously impressed with your focus and dedication!

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    1. Steve Finnell, this is not the place for the comment. Try to focus yourself in more appropriate areas and you won't get deleted.