Sunday, September 6, 2015

Welcome back...

Yes, it has been a very lazy time at the ol' bottle cap collection.  Before I needlessly pillory myself, let me explain the "system I use to do this great cap collection.

First, I have a little black book in which I record the caps by brand, with descriptions just good enough for me to figure if the latest prospective member has a chance to join the collection.  Then, I have a computerized "master roster" which keeps track of brand, how many of, which of the now six binders I have them in, and on which page, as well as the description location in the little black book.  It can be a bit overwhelming, which is why I started this blog in the first place- to give me a photographic record.  But if you thumb through back posts, you see that it is just about as organized as the little black book.  Thus, I kinda get in the habit of collecting new contestants "off to the side", until so possessed as to update.  Which as you can see, took me 468 days since I last got around to it.

Of course, this post is going to be a bit easier.  Mr. McCarthy, whom I still hope the best for, has decided to unfriend me due to his inability to brook opinions not quite his own.  However, Bobby G stepped up into the breach recently, and he has gifted me with a bunch of caps- several of which I already had, and one I almost forgot to include, even though I DRANK ONE WITH HIM!

This was a Guinness Blonde American lager, and considering my American inability to handle their usual "sludge", it was pretty good!  Here we go with the rest of the update:

This first pair are obviously a couple of variations on popular themes I put in the book sometime less than 468 days ago...

Here you have the ones that Bobby passed on after valiantly disposing of their contents: the two Guinnesses plus the Harp.  Next to them is a Michelob Amber that I found, a Coors Light that KC consumed, and a couple more that I found sometime in my travels.  With the Blonde that sat in my room while everyone else got recorded and mounted, that brings us to a total (according to "compu-count") of 869 different caps.  Thanks to everyone involved, and we'll see you in December 17, 2016 (or sooner...)