Monday, May 26, 2014

And finally, the latest shipment!

As well as a couple I actually found...

Up top, our first cap is a new version of Third Shift, an "if no one looks, they'll think I'm a craft brew" by MillerCoors under the "Band of Brothers" brand.  Next up is from a dark lager from Session, a Full Sail imprint.  The original Session was a "pre-prohibition beer" much like Third Shift; this one is a dark lager "that doesn't drink like a meal", their website proclaims.  Funny how some of these dark beer brewers are now trying to get those that don't like thick beers to try it.  Next to him with the bee is a Shock Top honey bourbon cask wheat.  Shock Top is basically Anheuser Busch's version of "Band of Brothers Brewing", and this flavor is a honey wheat beer.
The Arizona flag cap belongs to Oak Creek Brewing out of Sedona, AZ.  It goes to their Amber Ale.  Oak Creek was founded in 1993 by German immigrants Fred and Rita Kraus from Pottenstein, a village near the Czech border between Bayreuth and Nurnburg.  Leading off the second row is the self-explanatory Leine's Lemon Berry Shandy, with blackberry juice.  The blue foot print goes to Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Ale, a "barleywine style ale", which is a beer brewed like a wine.  They even suggest it gets better with age.  Next is another version of Goose Island.  The next one and it's brother beneath him belong to "Day of the Dead" beers, a label from Cerveceria Mexicano, who brought us the Black Mountain Chili Beers, among others.  The top one belongs to the "Death Rides A Pale Horse" blonde ale, and the lower one is the "Pay The Ferrymen" porter.
Starting row three is a variation on a Redd's Apple Ale;  Then comes Hop Nosh from Uinta Brewing of Salt Lake City, not to be confused with Uintatheriums, which died out in the ice age.

Now Hop Nosh is about the opposite of Session Dark, and claims to be "Literally a hoppy snack."  Ugh.  Next door is another one at the other extreme, the Red Hook KCCO Black Lager, which claims to be "Amazingly light..."  What that has to do with the green ostrich on the cap (which of course I have sitting upside-down), I do not know.

Lastly on the bottom is the Hoegaardens I bought myself.  A wheat beer from Belgium, It's much more to my liking than a "hoppy snack".  Once again we thank the wonderful Stephen T McCarthy, whose debaucheries make these additions possible.  Cheers!

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