Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boom II

I decided if it works with Shiner, will it work with someone else?  So I wrote Pabst, and here is what came of it:

We add a Schlitz; a pair each of Lone Stars (top #3 and bottom #2) and Lone Star Lights (#2 top and #3 bottom); a PBR I didn't have; a Rainier (the big "R", duh); and one that I couldn't identify (top #4) on Pabst's site or among there "portfolio of beers; I finally tracked it down at a collector from the Czech Republic's site- he IDs it as a Blitz-Weinhard.  This used to be a flagship brand of Henry Weinhards of Portland OR, but these days the original business makes just sodas.  However, Miller brews some Henry Weinhard brands (though the Blitz-Weinhard name has apparently lapsed) under contract for Pabst.  At this point, I can neither confirm or deny that this is a Henry Weinhards, so it remains a B-W until I learn otherwise.  In any event, it gave me a chance to ask Miller-Coors for caps too.

Also this weekend, KC and I tried a little beer tasting event.  We didn't get too far since he tasted a few too many beers the night before.  However, I have 2 caps in the binder from the attempt, and four more in the fridge awaiting our next sing at it.

First man up is a Goose Island 312 "Urban Wheat Ale" .  What makes it urban I have no idea, but I can tell you that wheat beer has (to me) an odd dry taste.  Goose Island is a Chicago micro in the process of selling out to Anheuser-Busch.  Next to him is a second Brooklyn beer (which you saw in book 1, board 7), this one Green background and gold "B" rather than the opposite.  Next up is my 4th Sierra Nevada, found in the Kroger parking lot on our way to get the six beer-tasting beers. Next to it is a Newcastle Limited Edition that was among three that KC found on a walk (one of which, sadly, turned out to be a hard cider). I wasn't able to determine much more as the Newcastle Brown Ale website is both confusing and annoying.  The other one KC found was a Breckenridge Breweries, who brew a variety of beers from Denver and environs, all apparently wearing the same cap.

Here are the yet-to-be-drank gang.  Top left is another variation on Leinkugel's Oktoberfest; Next to him is an Indiana Amber from the Oaken Barrel brewery, a brew-pub in Greenwood, IN.  Bottom left is my third Moosehead lager, and next to him is a Molson Canadian.  So today netted a total of 17 caps, and by the time they all join the book we'll be up to 510!