Sunday, February 24, 2013

And now- tall twists!

I had to jump on this when I saw it on eBay- almost nobody seems to collect the tall twist-off caps but me!

I was amazed I didn't have the Bud, but mine had "twist off" written on the top. The two red ones are Kruegers.  Krueger was a NJ beer that in January of 1935 became the first beer sold in cans.  The brewery sold out to Narragansett in 1961, which was soon later gobbled up by Falstaff.  I had an Olympia TT, but mine was gold-ringed.  The Rainier is the first I've ever seen touting a "recyclable bottle".  Bottom left is a generic with the Georgia state seal on the bottom.  Yes, that PBR from West Virginia is green; Never saw THAT Genesee logo before; the last two are a Schmidt's and a Lucky.

This wasn't the whole haul- there was a Coke cap (WTH) and a double of the generic.  Also a Miller High Life that improved upon the one I had (which has gone into retirement in the bottom of the Old Crown box).  Oh, and this one:

Despite two days of extensive searching and contacting the seller, I still have no idea what this is.  Anyone with an idea will win the coveted Trophee du Beagle!