Thursday, January 9, 2014

And when you have time off and a big snow coming.... go out and buy a mixed six pack!  Actually, you also go get something else in case you don't like the things you picked in the mixed bunch, too, but even that turned out aces this time.

First off, a word on what you didn't see:  I tried once again the Upland Wheat Ale.  I had this before, it had the cinnamon-stick kind of back taste.  At this point, we were halfway through the Chiefs/Colts debacle Saturday, so I devised a drinking game.  I really had to compromise on the "hot chicks" section, since NBC is afraid to show cheerleaders (Thank God for Morgan Smith Goodwin), but at least I did get a hit on the "Peyton Manning mentions" category, as well as several on the "ref blew the call" and "announcer is full of crap" sides.  Anyway, the beer that kicked this off was Bell's Oarsman Ale, which is hyped for it's tartness.  Me, I gagged my way down it, but Scrappy actually seemed to like it better.   I also had an Abita Amber Ale in the mix... for me, the coffee smell was enough.  Now, onto the three that made the collection:

First off is one of the Mickey's Malt Liquors I bought to give me something I knew I'd like (or wouldn't care much after a few).  I have a smaller one with the bee, but not a big mouth and not with the web address on it.  Next is the hit of the party, the Bells Winter White.  Next time, it might be a six-pack of these.  And that oddball on the end comes from Three Floyd's Brewing.  Their Pride and Joy ale was another that Scrappy liked far better than me- heck, when I grabbed it, I thought I was grabbing a Barking Squirrel, but obviously SOMETHING was misplaced.  They are brewed by father and two-son act, Mike, Nick, and Simon Floyd from Hammond, Indiana.  They started out in 1996 using an old swiss cheese aging barrel for a fermentation tank.  That explains a is described as "a great session beer which still has pale ale characteristics."  At least the cap was neat.

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  1. Ahhh, MICKEY'S BIG MOUTH - that's getting back to my roots right there! Back in my serious drinking daze, I was known to say: "If you're only going to have one beer, you might as well make it six Mickey's". (And if that makes sense to you, you've had a few too many already.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'