Friday, August 30, 2013

I am getting some on my own, really...

... but what with being next to broke, the lack of people willing to still litter, and the heat, we can only show 3 caps for our efforts.

A pry off Bud Light Lime we found in the woods (if'n you can believe that), a Keystone Light courtesy the parking lot at Pierre's, and a non-alcoholic St. Pauli Girl that we found on that walk with my niece a while back.  But don't feel sorry for the ol' collector, because STM has struck again from the Great Southwest:

20 more caps, and all winners!  The dark one at the top comes from Indian Wells Brewing, whose artesian spring supposedly saved dehydrated gold rushers in 1849.  The cap is wax sealed, and stamped "Metis Indians", and held something called Whiskey Barrel brew.  Aged in old whiskey casks that have set out in the heat to bring the liquor out, this stuff is an incredible 12% alcohol!

Next to him is a third cap from Goose Island, this one their Honkers Ale, and English style bitter which might just be the weakest of the lot at 4.3%.  Next is a Two Hearted Ale from Bells, my second, but a lighter shade of ale cap.  Then we have a second example from Cave Creek Chili Beer (which I still can't imagine drinking); the one with the pawprint is a huckleberry crème ale (with real berries added at the end ) from Laughing Dog Brewery out of Idaho.

Row two, cap one is from Flying Fish Brewery; it is a HopFish IPA (most of these caps are one form of IPA or another).  This brewery was an internet brewery at first, where fans could help name the products.  This is one of the beers I got that are dry-hopped- the fully fermented beer then gets more hops added, not as part of fermenting, but to add oils, and aged.  This particular kind is aged with 22 lbs of hops to a keg (or barrel, I forget) for 2 weeks. Next is another Lagunitas, but this time it is a New Dogtown Pale Ale, which is a mix of their original pale ale with a beer made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa and the Mothers Absolutely Free lp.  ESB on the next one stands for Fuller's Extra Strong Bitter, from the UK.  This company's original Griffith brewery building boasts an approximately 200-year-old wisteria growing up the side.

In case you didn't believe me...
Next, I kid you not, is He'Brew... "the CHOSEN beer."  From Schmaltz Brewery in New York (and San Fran), this offering is called Hop Manna IPA.  The yellow guy is my third Full Sail.  I have one just like it, but in a pale orange.  That brings us to row three, and that Left Hand brewery cap comes from a 400 pound monkey IPA.  This outfit was started by Dick Doore in 1990 from a brewstarter kit he got as a Christmas gift.  The dude with the wings is from Uniboure, a Quebec outfit that was bought out by Sapporo in 2006.  The beer that went into it was called Le Fin du Monde, which means "the end of the world"- and with 9% alcohol, it probably feels like it.

The big black O belongs to a Widmer Brothers flavor (which wasn't on their website anymore) called Omission Pale Ale- the omission being that it is/was a gluten-free offering.  The next one in line is from Wasatch brewing, who became Utah's first (legal) brewery in 1986.  This particular one belonged to a Ghost Rider White IPA, with a touch of coriander added.  The Red Hook IPA at the end of the line is another dry-hopped brew called Long Hammer.

My fifth Sierra Nevada leads off the last row, followed by that Oberon from Bells- exactly like my other one, except the first one had a tiny "TM" mark on the sun's right edge that this one lacks.  The next two are from the same six-pack.  Firestone Walker (a company we mentioned last time under the Nectar Ale cap) sells their Union Jack IPA in six pack with three each of the bear (first one) and the lion.  And we finish up with a Fireman's Brew Redhead Ale.  This company is run by a pair of California Firefighters who came up with the idea while resting during the Glendale Mountains wildfire of 2000.

We here at the Mighty Martin Cap Collection cannot thank the wonderful Mr. McCarthy enough for his contributions to the collection, which- if I counted right last time- stands at 801 right now.  Take a bow, sir!


    I'm just grateful for the legitimate excuse to drink that your cap collection provides me with. It is I, sir, who owes YOU

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. That's a nice hobby :) my hubby likes trying different craft beers that are made at some of the local area bar/restaurants. A beer just sits well with a nice dinner out (for him, not me, never enjoyed alcohol)... he doesn't collect bottle caps, he collects tools. Home Depot is his favorite hot spot for his "toys".